Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Tale of a Tire

Earlier today, on the Marblehead Bike Path, we spotted a sad sight in an otherwise pretty spot.

We remedied the situation with the help of a trusty bike trailer.

Cyclist T waited patiently for the retrieval to be over.

On the ride home, a latch on the trailer broke, necessitating that we keep weight in the front of the trailer.  J was a good sport to ride with the grimy tire practically in his lap.

The tire is on its way to the landfill -- a better resting place for it than the brook.

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  1. Nice to see an old car tire being hauled away via bicycle power! Seems fitting.

  2. Nice Spare Tire. Nice to see smiling faces on people doing clean up. Litter picking can be fun and rewarding in many ways.

  3. Great pictures!!! I think the brook is taking a deep breath and saying "thanks, I didn't need that".